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HDSA Support Groups are offered by HDSA chapters, affiliates, regions and Centers of Excellence. Support groups can be led by a professional or by a peer (other HD family member or friend). Every support group leader is provided training by HDSA and assigned a mentor who can serve as a resource and support to the support group leader.

Support groups can offer vital emotional support along the continuum of HD, valuable advice about community-based resources as well as guidance from other support group members about many of HD’s most challenging situations. Support groups can meet monthly or quarterly depending upon the number of participants and wishes of the group. Support groups can be established for everyone in the HD community – caregivers, those living with HD, those living at risk, youth at risk, etc.

If you would like to start a support group, contact Anne Leserman, HDSA Community Services Manager at

If you can’t or aren’t able to attend an in-person group, please consider the HDSA online support group resource, found here: